Over the last three days, we have placed about 850 miles on the car. Logged about 13 hours driving, and attended two graduations. The first was about 4 hours long, and the second about 2 hours. We still have 3 more hours driving tomorrow before this saga comes to an end. While sitting there waiting on names to be called, I had several diverse thoughts on graduation:
1.) The university is a business
2.) It derives its money from students who have yet to maintain a good work record
3.) It promises these young people better paying jobs for their attendance
4.) Does our economy support that supposition?
5.) I remember reading in a blog somewhere that the premise that one can go to school and eventually teach in such an institution has a flaw – at some point the students are required to obtain employment outside of school. Their education, therefore, has to have some real life application.
6.) It’s interesting to compare the amount of time spent studying, reading, note taking, testing to the amount of time to which that is converted: So in So, Master of Arts. That took about 2 seconds.
7.) Is the graduation of real importance, or is it a moment of narcissism where each individual gets their 2 seconds to say, “look at me.”
8.) Even with the uniform dress with limited accessories, graduates found a way to decorate their mortar boards in an individualistic fashion.
9.) I do remember a little bit from my graduation ceremony, umpteen years ago: the eagle and the vulture. Are you going to hunt your prey, or get it after it’s dead. I liked that illustration. Can anyone else remember anything of theirs? (I have had three, and that’s all I remember from the lot of them)
10.) If I returned to class, what would I take? I’m old enough now to realize that choices need to be made – there are things that won’t be learned. Period. I have to choose what I want to learn, and more importantly to me, will that knowledge have value in the market place?
11.) I wonder how many of the grads considered the value of their diploma in the market place before finishing that particular major?
12.) For those faculty who have multiple graduations to attend, they must have considerable constitutions. You can add your own details to that thought.