We are in Big City awaiting start of a concert this evening. Christmas week went by as one of my slower weeks, as if the clock had been place on 60 volts, 30 htz. My total of hours was 65 included Christmas day where the 11 hours of seeing patients was followed by 3 hours of driving as kidinbox forgot some meds and we had to drive and obtain them. People would ask me how Christmas was. I guess done covers it. I was there. It was a day on the calendar. Life. I think of the start of the book “The Road Less Traveled”, ‘Life is hard”. That was the first sentence of one third of the book dealing with discipline. I have come to accept that everyone has problems of one sort or another. There is no sense fussing about having them, just accept that is life and deal with it. That being the case, you already note the lack of blogging. Typing this blog is lower on my importance list and one of the first things dropped when life demands time. I just wanted to acknowledge the obvious. Siblinginbox has spent a week here and provided some very pleasant atmosphere. I even watched a couple of movies. That’s not something said on a routine basis. Speaking of which, I was called last year (I think) by the Neilson Ratings. The caller asked if I was willing to answer a few questions about my television watching. My first question to her was, “do you want to talk to me?” I received a puzzled response. “I don’t watch it.” The caller wanted to continue, so I obliged her with my assessment of what was present and my opinions of what I had heard and momentarily seen when in patient’s homes. My observation is that the less I see, the more acutely its message is noticed when I do see some.
Back to the week. We are working on a shed. The walls are done, the insulated floor is as well as the platform. The roof is framed over the top with support boards lacking for the front and back overhangs. I am hoping to get to those on Monday. The goal is to get the plywood on the roof before the rain comes this weekend.
I have not priced it, but have an idea for the coming year. The plan is to take out a classified ad in the local rag to say:
civil rights: supported by greater Republicans than Democrats

obammacare: supported by Democrats, opposed by Republicans

Check out the stats of the former here

Education may be a good thing.  I recognize, however the lack of attention span and need to keep information short due to the present federal school indoctrination system.

(This was a post I started yesterday and finished tonight.)

As for the day today, the frames for the overhangs are done, and I installed 40 hurricane straps as well as made 6 loaves of honey wheat bread and then made a frame with winch to haul up the plywood for the roof.  All in all, a productive day.