I am here to announce a new member of the family.   Pearl.  We did not choose the name, it was given prior to our acquaintance.  Pearl is of the same species as Jake and as such life has been rather interesting.  My first impressions were that Jake may take some territorial umbrage to the presence of a competitor.  Real life showed that it was Pearl who had the greatest level of discontent.  As example, Pearl was under the bed this morning.  Jake was just beside the bed where I could watch only him.  I observed a cat laying quietly with just the last quarter of his tail softly patting the floor.  He stretched and rolled – a stretch that made him as long as I have ever seen a cat.  Post the roll, he glanced under the bed again.  Audibly through the entire procedure, we were graced with a low growl emanating from the bed casting warnings and threatenings of dismemberment for any going there.  Jake rolled over again.  I can picture an older brother trying to eg a sister to her wit’s end.  Welcome to our past day.  Here’s a picture: Image