I am trying to relax now that the plywood is on the shed.  I still have to add trim before the tar paper, but at least for now, the shed looks like a shed.  Just a note, I was at a red light near the lumber company I frequent and noted the camera on top of he light flash.  This was noted in the peripheral vision, so I stared at the light, and after about 10-15 seconds, I saw another flash.  We are supposed to feel comfortable that those who deem themselves our superiors, are keeping tabs on our presence at a stop light near a lumber yard.  At the same time, they are incapable of putting any security on the boarders in accord with their actual job duties.  I just think Orwell was off on his prediction by only the number of years to install population monitoring.  Stalin would be jealous.

Spouseinbox sent me a picture, so you can see progress:


I have been reading through Job in the mornings during my time on the exercise cycle.  I have made some observations of this  book with which I am not finished yet.  It starts with an interesting interaction supposedly out of the experiential realm of humans.  We are treated with a conversation in heaven where several people’s fate are being discussed and occurrences are related to the heavenly realm, not the earthly, with special note of the reaction of the person in question.  It is showing life as if people are lab experiments for the heavenly beings to debate. The point is to show how the individuals will be have in a particular situation, provide that situation, then observe. Next, I note that Job’s description of evil individuals differs not a whit from evil people who live today.  There has been no change in 6000 years.  Evil is still evil, and they behave in the same fashion.  Noted in the chapter was those with power taking widow’s houses, thieves marking houses in the daytime to rob at night, adulterers wearing disguise to hide and acting at night.  I also noted that the conversations were of chapter length. This means that they were arguing points of difference and speaking in succession.  Each had a turn to speak.  Here I find a difference with modern liberals – they can’t allow an opposing view to be presented, hence, political correctness, name calling, subject changing, overpowering voice, etc.  It is where I part with Sean Hannity as he puts them on and spends time with those who will not treat opposing viewpoints decently,  I can’t see wasting my time that way.