I have fussed about the camera lights and other such illegal monitoring and have been informed per kidinbox that it was no big bother as they did nothing interesting.  I have heard this argument from other locations as well.  In response to that concept, I present a youtube video that I watched as DVD.  Pay attention to the interactions, especially at the beginning of the movie.  Imagine, if you will, all the information on individuals that the government has now and apply a similar technique.  I posit that there is not a one who could survive such an inquisition.  That is the point.  That is the reason to acquire as much information as possible on each individual person.  Anyone with access to that and governmental power can destroy any person they desire.  Don’t forget that they have given themselves permission to lock up anyone they choose, for as long as they choose, anywhere they choose.  That is a complete violation of the Constitution, and what is the price for such action?  With that warm-up, I present The Trial: