We took a trip to bigger Bugberg to visit kidinbox there.  During the visit, a request was made to watch Captain Phillips as an alternative to the bowling alley which had a packed parking lot.  I will admit some trepidation to going to the movies.  It’s about the same as watching TV.  I start with the concept that they are going to propaganda and then try to decide if my time is worth arguing with an inanimate screen.  (Not to mention having to keep quiet while doing it)  I was pleasantly surprised – I will admit. The opening section left some to be desired as the talk was on the idea that he might not like to do the trip, but was bound to do his job.  This concept was quite at odds from the sea-going individual i knew from a former church.  I didn’t get to meet the guy until about 8 months later as he had the chance to take a sailboat through the Panama canal.  “Honey, I’ll see you later.”  You can take the guy out of the water, you can’t take the water out of the guy.  So, all right, I wasn’t pleased with their opener, but at least there was no gratuitous “stuff” included.  So far, so good.  The movie then went to the Sudan where the tribes were forming their attack crews to get more loot.  This was presented in the same fashion as one would anticipate a street gang, including the unseen charge demanding they do another operation to pay.  From this point, the story runs reasonably similar to what one would expect from the scenario compared to the news reports and discussions I heard back then (2009).  The navy brings in a SEAL team and the sharpshooters finish off the problem in good stead.  The captain shows quite a bit of stress at this point in interesting contrast to the character he presents through all the other interactions.  It could be that they use this moment to allow him to “decompress”.  All in all, a very well presented drama, though there was something I missed.  Not a single hint of the political bent of the pirates, even though we all know who they were.  I also like to remember history and note that we were fighting muslim pirates in 1805 just a few thousand miles from the point where this action took place.  Remember the Marine hymn – from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…  That second phrase is the same group of individuals fought in this movie, yet not mentioned.  Those who are unwilling to name their enemy, are doomed to be defeated by that enemy.  That is why I am very clear who the enemy is, in title and philosophy.