A couple of weeks ago, I received a watch from kidinbox for Christmas.  This one was from a JC Penny store and had all the bells and whistles – meaning, it had coverage for any injury, free resizing, free repair for two years.  I took it in to the store to get it sized and noted something interesting. 

A few years ago, I had a watch which needed resizing and took it to the Walmart.  The lady was happy to perform the operation and removed a jig from the counter.  This unit held the watch in precise position while the lady turned a screw on the front of the jig and pushed out the pin.  The adjustment was done and a reverse process was performed to reattach the band. 

Now, back at the (higher dollar) store – JC Penny, the sales associate was just as pleased to assist my resizing need.  He removed a pad from the drawer and placed it on the counter.  Then he took out a thick piece of something that looked like a folded paper towel.  The watch was placed on this and the worker then placed an awl on the pin and tapped it out using a plastic mallet.  The process was finished with a small pair of pliers.  The reverse process was done with the mallet.  I was chuckling on my way out the door and decided that any further changes could be done on my own kitchen table with my own awl and mallet, and save all the time and driving to their store.