Dear sir,
I am a resident of the great state of Texas.  As a Texas representative, you are charged with protecting my rights, the very same rights guarded by the phrase “congress shall make no law”.  It may be looked at as simple minded by me, but if congress to passes a law in violation of the Constitution, it is simply void.  After all, the Constitutional phrase states quite clearly – “congress shall pass no law.”  However, it is not void in the practical sense, because for example, a law to remove weapons from the citizens is in direct violation of the Constitution, but the government still wields impressive hardware and has recently started moving this hardware into the arena where it may be used against we citizens.  So instead of our might and ingenuity being utilized to protect us from outward invaders, it is being used to control we the citizen.  Is there any other purpose for collecting personal contacts, installing license plate monitors, military hardware being provided to police, unconstitutional genital gropes and scans at the airports as well as along highways?  (I speak of VIPER)  Before continuing let me posit a concept: we are charged with our own defense.  It has been tried and shown in court that the police are not charged with defense of the citizen.  Therefore, since we are responsible for our own defense, we were also presented with the means to do so – the second amendment.
My purpose in writing this is to get a defense.  I would like you to defend your vote for the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 that included internment of “terrorists” without protection of citizens.  Understand that we in the “flyover country” are living with the understanding that there is a description of “terrorist” given by certain members of the government – distrustful of government, prepper, committed to self defense, missing digits, and several others.  With that description available, and with observation of actions of agents of this government, (as well as lack of any prosecution of violators) I have no doubt that we are considered “terrorists” by the agents of this government and at their whim are subject to the internment for which you voted.  I am seeking your defense of that vote as well as the bill designations (not platitudes, or “beliefs”) which you proposed that limit agents of the government.  I plan to look up the bill codes in the register.  This letter as well as your reply I plan to make available to my readers on my blog –  Thank you.