I saw this commercial and it reminded me of a time in my early teens.  Dad worked in a factory, so joining him at work was not a possibility.  I worked with him on many other projects including electric, car, roof, church building repairs.  I have long thin arms – the perfect tool to reach into a small hole in a wall to retrieve a wire.  🙂  but joining him during his work day never happened.

Well, this one summer we were able to go to an uncle’s house on a farm for a week.  I say we, as siblinginbox came as well.  We got to assist in this farmer’s daily activities which started in a unique fashion.  They didn’t have a regular alarm clock.  He put a light timer hooked up to a stereo on some local rock station and set it to go off at about 0430.  Yes, the birds were still asleep when we were jolted out of bed and drove to the back end of the fields to herd in the cows for milking.  I helped a little bit and learned how to prep the teats, apply the milking machine and feed the cows according to the boards placed over each.  This activity done, we went back to the house for a bit of breakfast and then up the hill to start logging.  The farm had a wood burning furnace, so all of the fuel had to be cut and split and placed in preparation for the winter.  After a while of that and lunch, our uncle would go to his second shift job at a factory.  We were free for the afternoon until the radio shot us to the ceiling the next 0430.  this schedule was maintained for a week until we went back home.  We, the consumers, should be glad.  No, we should be ecstatic that our food is not priced per the hours spent.