Lately, I have been working on the shed.  I think the term shed doesn’t quite conjure up the correct image, so to provide a bit of detail, I had to sign a form promising not to obstruct the waterflow in the subdivision as all of the lots were graded to flow through ours.  The city has an ordinance that sheds under 200 square feet have no restrictions or building codes excepting being 2 feet from the property line and 10 feet from the house and the entire roof area between the house and shed cannot be more than a certain percentage of the lot size.  I picked the size 12×16 feet as that was a total of 192 square feet and I would not have to have the city bothering my back yard.  To keep the grading proper and design it not to rot out in a couple of years, I dug down about 22 inches for each of 10 posts which elevate the shed at the shortest point – 6 inches above the ground.  The posts were designed about a foot square so that the structure of the shed would sit on concrete and tarred to again protect the wood.  I placed a drip edge around the base of the shed to help prevent water from flowing in through that means to the structure as well.  I insulated the floor in case I was inspired to insulate the remainder of the structure – which is probably going to happen. Then the building has slowly been growing.  The first floor is 7 foot tall and the peak is 6 feet above that with a barn shaped structure for the roof allowing more square footage on the platform.  There is a double beam across the top center of the roof on which I am thinking of mounting a pulley – for use whenever.
The building is starting to look decent, but needs waterproofing and that was my goal over the weekend.  I didn’t make it.  Oh well, progress occurred as the roof trim was installed, blocks made for the peak where the roof vent will not be and one side of tar paper was applied.  Siblinginbox gave me a roofing gun some time back.  This is the first time I had occasion to use it, and it was really nice.  Time saver is putting it mildly.

Part of the impetus was the announcement that weather is coming.  I find that term interesting as there is always weather out there.  There is weather in here for that matter.  It must be that “weather is coming” is that term applied to those undesirable conditions and for building outside, we are having those conditions now.  The temperature has dropped as well as freezing rain has been given as a gift from God.  My hope is that there are enough cracks covered to protect the shed until I can finish the roof.

Just to be clear, spouseinbox was present and assisted through this whole project as well.  It was just easier to write the way I did.  There are certain projects that run simply better when two are there.  Life is one of them.  As a side-bar note,  have noticed how shallow and self centered the culture in present media is concerning love.  The idea presented is how that person makes me feel.  Just an observation – if that person can “make” you feel a certain way, 1.) they have the power, 2.) they can “make” you feel another way as well.  The way to power of self is owning one’s behavior and actions because at that point the person can change themselves.  Love in a couple, then, is more about giving of oneself to the other as a matter of will and trying to provide their wants/desires.  Further, love in a couple is choosing the one with whom you want to face the bad times, as they will come.  I wrote a song with that concept in mind.  The lyrics are:

No matter what comes our way, I love having you here with me.  Bright sunny or cloudy day, I love having you here with me.

Life’s daily grind may be tough, while trading time to make a buck, having customers being gruff, I picture you and think what luck, that you would spend your time with me together face adversity.

No matter what comes our way, I love having you here with me. Bright sunny or cloudy day, I love having you here with me.

These bodies made for such short time, bacteria plays havoc inside.  We sneeze and cough and want to hide from spreading our misery.  I peek out of my wrapped cocoon and see you morning, night, and noon.  Bringing broth or soup or meds. Checking on my warm forehead to see what progress has been made.

No matter what comes our way, I love having you here with me.  Bright sunny or cloudy day, I love having you here with me.

Apartment may be our abode, or a small house down the road.  Plantation is not even a chance for where we carry our romance.  But I am happy where ever we go, since in that place I will know.

No matter what comes our way, I love having you here with me.  Bright sunny or cloudy day, I love having you here with me.


A couple nights back, we received a call from kidinbox asking for a little help with a little furry family member.  This individual decided to get warm in the engine and received an injury as a result.  Kidinbox did not know furry family member was there and started the car.  A running ball of fur was noted. Since she was running, everything seemed all right.  On return home about an hour later, kidinbox tried to find fur ball and began to realize there was a big problem.  We met them at the on-call vet and on exam it was noted that there was no bone damage to the leg, but severe nerve damage.  The kitten (about 4 months old) had no use of the leg or feeling for that matter.  This cat is going to have to figure out how to move while dragging this leg along, and hopefully, since she is young, will have potential of healing.  The vet stated that even healed, she won’t have good use of the leg.  I noted that there will have to be two learning areas: one presently as use is not there.  Secondly, relearning when some use returns.  I further considered this in the line of character as these are the moments where character is shown: either high power, or heavy problems.  High power, as in the ability of one with character to restrain their abilities/permissions to what is proper (of which is in severe lack in government) and heavy problems where one has the ability to either give up, adopt anger against God for the circumstance, or trudge on making the best of the situation.   My observation is that the younger ones tend to do quite well as they maintain hope and accept what is.  Those two characteristics combine to form a pleasing character.  I am anticipating that for Tiger as well as kidinbox who is the “nurse” in charge of care through these times.