I just finished a book by Jon Acuff called “Start”.  It was quite well written and had all the feel of openness that is very appreciated.  I came by way of this purchase via Dave Ramsey’s endorsement to discover Jon describes in the book working for the man.  His description, at one point, was one of an employee defending a book title against the experienced questions of an ace in the field.  I have met the man, but in a much different context.  After one of his seminars on finances I caught him and asked about an idea I had been toying with for some time.  Truth be told, it’s still sitting on the back burner.  Dave was gracious enough to hear me out and advised forming an advertising campaign for the concept.  I did, even put together a 501c3, but it shortly afterwards fell apart.  Anyways, back to the book.  My original thought was to purchase it for kidinbox, and then decided kidinbox could have it after it was slightly used by myself.  I’m glad to have read it, but noted one lacking concept with which I have wrestled – spirituality.  The book goes into the “voices” that one hears which are always negative and wreck one’s initiative towards greatness in their life.  In my case, those voices were there.  They are the ones saying, “you don’t have the background.  Your ideas aren’t good enough.   No one really appreciates that thought.”  There also was another voice.  It was simple and quiet.  It consisted of a single instruction – finish Samson.  I can’t explain it except in the context of God.  The follow-up book which I think would be much harder to write is how to approach one’s career relative to the forces mentioned, and also the instruction of God.  I say much harder as God works in an individual manner, so my instruction has no bearing on what someone else would do, or be instructed to do.  I have a friend who was in our wedding.  His instruction was to carry a cross.  Literally.  He and his spouse travel all over the country to speak to people and carry the cross with the message that God loves each person.  I have another friend who with spouse travels the world discussing spirituality in marriage.  This friend has already written two books and performed multiple speaking engagements from Texas to India.  Each one was directed by God.  Each one followed the direction given with behaviors differing from the average population.  So yes, I fully appreciate spirituality as a definite component of one’s life and career or activity choice.  It can’t be honed into another’s path.  I can tell you what happened to me, but that has no bearing on your life as your spiritual walk is yours, not mine.  There was a little voice in the back of my head saying to write this to Jon to see what he would do with it.  Instead, I have written it here for you to consider.