More information on an enemy

I found a site from a site that has a good description of islam.  I copied the link of one of the pages above.  There is a title page having subjects listed alphabetically which looked very well done.  The mass of information available led me to provide this link and let you look at your leisure.  Know that they are not our friends.  They utilize familiar descriptions and words to sound similar, but when given the opportunity will reveal their true colors and demand servitude.  That sort of sounds like some politicians doesn’t it?  Maybe that’s why our congress critters have such a problem speaking out about the cloaked evil called islam – they are so similar. 

(That being the case also is in the grouping of reasons I refuse to call islam a religion.  It is a political philosophy originating as a tribal totalitarian philosophy masquerading as a religion and used as a means for leaders to maintain and control subjugates.)