Today was an interesting day.  It was cold and wet here in West Texas.  Combined, that made the roads equivalent to the rink Scott would use.  I made it to the office after about half an hour of inching along the roads without bridges.  Considering what I was experiencing, There was no way I wanted to try a bridge. So I made it to the office, and as the only one there, manned the phones as best I could.  My regular job there is scheduler.  The essence of this is taking the visits needed by the patients and matching them to the available nurse, therapist, or aide.  There are several other factors which must be considered, but that is the bottom line.  I have to be sure people who are receiving our services are seen.  The phone rang:

me: hello

New Employee: hello it’s me.  I’m supposed to see the boss this morning for some paperwork and don’t think I’ll make it.  I have a relative sick and will be going to see them.

me: that’s understandable.  Just keep safe and know the ice is horrible out there.  It took me half an hour just to get here.

NE: I know.  Actually, I don’t want to tell them, but the previous home health had me go to these out of the way places because I have a 4 wheel drive. 

me: OK.  Well I wish you well, and be safe. *click* (thinking: “Now that’s nice to know”.)

Now, what do I get to do with this new knowledge?  Hmmmm