We are the caretakers of two cats – Jake and Pearl who grant us permission to care for them and meet their dietary needs.  In return, they don’t tear up our bed. Jake is older, larger, and a male – the original occupant of this house compared with the newer upstart – Pearl.  It is interesting to note a few behaviors of this pair: if you want a companion in the bathroom, shut the door.  For that matter, if you want the cats somewhere, especially Jake, close the door almost fully, and he will appear a short time later.

Jake is the most vocal, unless they are having a fight, at which point the demons of terror growl from Pearl’s throat which is a very little deterrent for Jake. The low growl is usually followed by a hiss from which I have not detected any spittle yet, though the number of times this has been noted would represent quite a bit of moisture emanating from the oral cavity.

Pearl will instigate attacks against the much bigger Jake.  This is observed as acceptable until Jake takes the upper position and has Pearl on the floor, at which point the voices and hiss are noted.  She is fine with a fight, as long as she is on top.

We placed a water bowl on an oven tray to help keep the water in a reasonable local in the bathroom.  Once this task was done, we noted the behavior of both cats at the water dish – drinking and scratching the oven tray while drinking.  I don’t know if that improves the flavor, but it must do something as both cats perform this activity – even at night.

Kidinbox has a turtle –  a rather large turtle.  Jake takes the turtle as an item of interest and follows it around the room.  Pearl backs up and provides behavior consistent with fear.  Kidinbox also has a three legged cat.  She had an accident in an engine and lost one of her appendages.  We are a week post surgery right now, and this kitten has shown that one front leg is nearly as good as two.  She hops on the bed and plays with the cat toys.  The vet left instructions that she was not to irritate the suture line.  We were to keep her from scratching the sutures.  This was originally done with a little shirt which was pinned and slid over her head.  Spouseinbox had the idea to make a shirt for her to fulfill this purpose.  We went looking and finally settled on a preemy shirt which said “I run with the big guys.”  We cut off the bottom of the shirt, hemmed it and sewed shut an arm hole.  It fit.  She is only 4 months old.

It is now evening here, and I or rather we are tired.  There is a shingled roof on the shed now and a vent on the top.  Spouseinbox and I were on the top of the roof this afternoon shooting in the remainder of the shingles and the roof vent.  Now all I have to do is seal them, place the trim apply the soffit and finish the door.  Hopefully, Pearl and Jake will keep their squabbles to a minimum tonight.