Today is it.  We now are at the moment that we the voters can remove a senator who has violated the 4th amendment.  It has been three years since that time, but I have not forgotten.  No matter what other acts were done, once you violate your oath of office, you are gone.  REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP: Understand that this is for you.   Put up candidates who are simply Democrat light, and I won’t give you my vote.  Period.  I am not providing additional cover for you to continue the present policies and ridiculous cover you have given the democrats to destroy our Constitution.  Keep this violator, and I will not give you a vote in the general election.  The cry will be, “well, there you go, supporting the democrats.”  How was this individual’s vote different?  He provided Democrat cover with the ability to say both parties supported the violation. (uncharged, unlimited detainment without exemption for citizens)  There 545 individuals in charge of the mess that is Washington.  That means whatever mess there is, it is because you want it that way.

I don’t.

My vote today is my statement of desire to return to the Constitution.  It may be a small token in the large scheme, but it is my token and I proudly spend it as I see fit.

Further, there is a state representative for whom I am going to vote for the challenger.  He has done nothing egregious, I just note that he has been there a decade and it is time for term limits.  There is nothing more than that.  These political types need to stay out of office after a while.   The 98% reelection rate needs to inverse in my book.