Spouseinbox and I went to the tax man today.  I guess the longer explanation is that we took our compiled forms received from all the businesses with whom we had done business and provided the federal government accounting of a year’s worth of our finances.  Our finances are not our own, they are a federal matter – apparently.  The whole procedure got me to thinking.  I am a nurse and also like to play music.  In a former life, I actually received a tip for playing at a wedding.  I have heard from others that when they perform in bars and nightclubs, there is usually a fee provided for their efforts which is then split among the players.  As a nurse, I spend my time assisting providing the medical treatment specified per the doctor and receive money in exchange for my efforts.  A builder spends his time taking lumber, nails, screws, and other such hardware, and gives his time and skill to produce a shed, playground, tree-house, or other such product.  In exchange for the time and skill involved, the builder receives payment from the customer.  Each of these transactions provided a simple acknowledgement that one offered a product or service for another.  The operation of the government is paperwork with forms and acknowledgements between departments and individuals that x form was received by y and action z was applied with confirmation.  The act of having to file taxes is the government’s way of forcing we workers, artists, etc to behave in the fashion that the government does.  It is the force to require us to maintain books like the IRS does not do, (when was their last audit, and how did they fare?).

There were a couple discussing the return of tax money from filing and how impressive the individual’s return was.  Nowhere do I hear that the government took my money, used it without providing interest and gave back a small portion of what was actually mine, while performing this entire procedure with the threat of confiscation or imprisonment.   In short, that is what is actually happening, and I will say it as I have heard no one else do so.

I have heard a thought here and there about abolishing the IRS, but don’t believe in that fantasy.  My reasoning is simple.  There are 545 congress critters (all inclusive) who make a fortune providing special exemptions in the tax code for a particular business or interest.  Am I going to seriously believe that they would perform the act which would cut their salaries?  Note that the salaries of which I speak are not that which is taken in the form of taxes and paid to them.  The salaries of which I speak are those special items provided only to the congress critters who then give legislation in response.  Land deals, trips, stock openings, etc.  If the IRS and the voluminous tax code were abolished, all that largess would have to find another way to get into their pockets.  Companies may actually have to advertise for customers rather than force a market by legislation.  No.  I can’t see that happening.  As much as I would like to abolish that ability, the practical nature I have sees no way that crew would cut their potential income.  Call me cynical, I think it’s just an accurate analysis of their character and form.