I happily announce that the shed has a working knob and is now locked – for the first time.

Putting the action in those terms misses quite a bit of the weekend, though.  It started with the door itself.  We built the shed just slightly shorter than the average room height and as such the door was a bit shorter as well, but wider to accommodate whatever the spirit may move to take through that portal.  The door was about 43 inches wide.  This meant it had to be a custom deal.  To allow for placement of hardware and to provide a bit of heft, we utilized 2×6 for the door frame and a little insulation in the middle sandwiched between the siding similar to the shed and a piece of plywood.  I thought it was a rather substantial door, looked reasonable for the location and would be quite functional.  Then I started looking for a door handle as having a lock and hasp didn’t seem to fit the structure, so I prepared a door knob and discovered that they didn’t make them thick enough for the door construction leading to a couple of days looking and asking for something followed by my attempt to make an extension using a piece of steel tubing.  This job consisted of cutting 4 “v’s” in each end of a small tube and hammering the resulting pieces over to create a square in the end of the tubing that would match the square of the door handle.  I tried to weld the extension to a piece of the tubing I cut off the door knob and ended up melting the cut piece.  I never got the two welded together.  I now have a call into the Lowe’s to see if they can order an extender for a door knob to install.  This will replace the one we put on this evening.  I reasoned that the new one would fit in the same holes, so why not make use of the cut up one while we waited?  That led to the installation and completion of a door that will actually shut…just be sure no one is inside as the knob on that side of the door is inoperable – since the door is too thick.