We received a package from siblinginbox.  It was an early gift.  I had not considered a smoker, so was quite pleased with the item.  It was well packaged including many zip ties.  The unit had multiple pieces for assembly or pans for sliding into rails.  Each was packaged with bubble wrap or boxed individually.  I inverted the unit and saw the adjustable feet mounted at the back of the unit.  These were simple bolts with large heads and an extra nut used to secure them in place once placed in the permanent site.  The first of these feet twisted out nicely, the second balked.  Saying it balked is putting it mildly.  Not being one to accept refusal quietly, I went to the garage and obtained an adjustable wrench.  The 8 inch wrench made a difference in the bolt’s attitude.  It came out, but not without removing the threads from the top half.  I guess the assembler cross-threaded the piece.  Oh well.  We have a tap and die set in the garage for such occasions.  This box joined our quartet out at the vice.  I put the cross-threaded foot in the vice and with assistance of spouseinbox, started to recut the threads in the bolt.  The procedure for this is to carefully twist the die on to the bolt, feeling for the resistance and getting the die to start cutting at the original thread location.  Remember to apply a drop of oil to lower the amount of friction on the die.  Turn the die forwards about half a turn, and then back about 90 degrees.  This cuts off the shavings that have been made by the initial twist.  Proceed in this fashion until the thread is completed.  Part way through this procedure, I noted that there were threads just above that nut and not much space available there, so I attempted to remove the nut to allow for more space to twist the die.  What I didn’t notice was that some time during our interaction with this piece of metal, a little shard had formed on the foot of the bolt.  This shard stuck up just slightly, just enough to say hi to the side of my finger.

One of our nursing procedures we perform multiple of times is an accucheck.  These are a poke of the finger to obtain a drop of blood, and then application of that blood on a testing strip to find out the concentration of sugar in the blood.  Insulin is adjusted and given according to the results.  Let’s just say I could have provided many strips worth of testing for the contribution this shard provided.  Hence the bandaid.

Today, we went to big box store and obtained some wood chips and ribs.  The wood chips are already in the smoker getting the unit ready to tantalize our taste buds this weekend.

Oh, yes, the die worked well, and we performed a similar task with the tap on the hole in the bottom of the smoker.  The foot turned in correctly – this time without an adjustable wrench.