It’s kind of bad to start so many posts with being tired, or busy, or in this case “still here”.  It’s just a side effect of my busyness.  The past three weeks at work were close to, and then over 50 hours each.  Throw in on-call and my time is pretty well taken.  I’m not complaining, mind you, just acknowledging reality.  One side effect of this reality is that we have made an additional payment on the house.  If we can keep it up, the house should be paid for in about 5 years.  That seems long when considering 50 hours per week, but it’s much better than 15 years, i guess.  On to what’s kept us out of trouble this last weekend.

Our front yard has been pathetic for the past year and a part, since we moved into this house which came with a landscaped slab of dirt.  The weeds were efficient and I spent my time mowing, when I did, to keep down the weeds.  We did grow a tuft of grass here and there, but mostly weeds and stickers.  Such joy for walking.  So much fun pulling those little burrs from the bottom of the sneakers.  Well, this past weekend, we started working on the yard in front and around the driveway.  This constituted planning the most reasonable path to the gate, and designing the walkway to match – out of stone and poured stepping stones.  Once it was decided, we obtained the material and put in the walkway.  I’m amazed how 5 hours of work can be reduced into a single sentence.  The expansion of the same would include pulling out the tiller, churning up the soil, shoveling out the topsoil, and tapering the edges.  We hauled the rock in the back of the pick-up which meant loading and unloading the stones, as well as obtained a 1/2 ton of sand to go underneath the rocks.  The 1/2 ton was so neatly dumped into the truck with a front loader, but had to be dug out by hand.  The roll of landscape fabric was then applied followed by the stepping stones and boarder with the river rock providing the finishing touch.  We continued this idea down both sides of the driveway finishing out a 12 hour day digging and pouring, and stomping.  The walkway ended up looking like this:

walkwayWe filled in the area between the boarder and the house and fence with mulch and plan to add a couple of large planters to that area.  So that’s what has kept me/us occupied recently.  May your day go pleasantly.