I hear Dave for a few minutes in the morning on my way to the office.  The show is played on tape, so is a former day’s reference.  I don’t actually know what time he is on the air.  Anyways, he was commenting on a newspaper article that was describing how the rich were getting richer and the poor – poorer, in the article on how there were more millionaires now than at some previous time period.  Dave spent his time illustrating the folly of the article as having more millionaires meant that there were fewer poorer people.  He took a moment to re-instruct on the meaning of millionaire – how it was not an income of a million per year, but actually the net worth of a million.  Then the instruction about the formation of millionaires continued for a bit more.  Missing was the philosophy driving this entire scenario.  Facts have no relevance to those espousing the philosophy of a divided pie.  For those, the fact of more millionaires necessarily means poorer others, because if there is a static amount of money, one cannot have without another doing without.  Personally, I think the formation of this article was in that philosophy.  Factual illustrations have no bearing on those with this mindset.  I also note that those of this mindset occupy government which operates by taking from people.  They get to practice removing people’s income for their usage and have therefore a sort of experience to back up their philosophy.  “We remove money from those who have it and give to those who don’t.  That is a virtue.” What’s missing from this mindset is the acknowledgement that the ones from whom they remove the money, have spent their time and efforts to make that same money.  What they are removing is that which is made, not that which is divided.  This is the distinct difference in mindsets.  The middle class is hurting, not because there are more millionaires, but because the government is removing the results of their labors.  The government is creating more poorer people by their policies, and the fact that there are more millionaires who have managed to pass by the bureaucracies and taxes is nothing short of amazing.  Kudos to those energetic individuals.