I remember the Flintstones cartoon and their theme song which got ruined in the early ’80’s…

(from the comments)

“Gay used to mean happy, then it meant homosexual, now it means hate.”

If those espousing this don’t like the term – don’t behave in that manner.  That makes sense to me.  Note that the reason to rewrite their proper descriptive term to “gay” was to get away from the stigma that the proper term “homosexual” maintains.  If those on that side of the aisle don’t like the association that a term brings, they simply change the name, and supposedly the stigma averts.  Wrong.  The new term is shortly recognized and the final result is a group trying to present a lie.  To harken back to my college psychology days, homosexuals have an incidence of depression 40% higher than the population.  One of my class chimed in and noted that with the stigma associated it was reasonable to expect such a result.  The professor corrected the instruction with the addition that cultural animus was statistically accounted and with that done there was still an incidence of 40% higher than the population.  That doesn’t really engender the term “gay”, does it?