This week at work has been atrocious.  It wasn’t actually the work itself, or the immediate coworkers.  I was called into the office, provided a song and dance how my opinion was desired on moving to a new shift and when I reported negatively the next day was informed that I was going to the shift anyways.   Talk about kick in the gut.  (understand that there is more, but I am not going to provide any detail)  I have been livid most of the week and working on the yard like mad.  There is nothing like physical labor when one is out of sorts.  After all, it’s much better to take it out with a shovel on some rock than throwing a computer as in one suggestion I received.  One other activity that I utilized was typing all of the incidents and properly labeling the actions.  I showed this to spouseinbox as well as our financial adviser.  Spouseinbox said simply, “wow.”  The financial adviser discussed the incident for a bit, asked what was to be accomplished with the letter, and I had to admit trying to place all of the emotions and thoughts in a cohesive manner.  The adviser stated that nothing good could come of giving my boss the letter.  I had to agree, but there is still that desire to let them know what I really think.  Siblinginbox provided a practical piece of advise, “don’t burn bridges unless you plan to move to a distant part of the country.  The incident will follow you.”  I had to agree.  After all, who will get called for a reference when I interview for a new job?  So for now I am just trying to stay out of the office as much as possible to keep contact at an absolute minimum until I can get something else in the hopper. On the plus side, I do like working with patients again.