This evening, after work, I came home to spouseinbox working on the yard.  The pile of rock I had been working on earlier in the week was a bit smaller,  but the yard was not covered yet.  Spouseinbox decided to move some rock.  I joined the process after supper and now have only a small pile remaining to be used on thin spots when the sun shines to show us where they are.  Yes, we were shoveling rock at 2100.  I’m sure the neighbors had mixed feelings – noise that late, but the yard is transforming from eyesore to pleasant.  Spouseinbox took a picture before the completion and I noted that part of the shed was showing in the picture as well, so here it is:

side yardThe black in the lower right of the picture is now covered with the rock pile on the driveway.

We’re tired, but happy.