June 2014

Many moons ago, there was the patter of small feet through the house.  Let’s be honest.  There was the stomping of feet though the hallways and shrill screams concerning toys, plus and minus, and other noises common to the younger of our species.  One period of time seemed to separate the kid from this – television watching.  For some reason, the images on that little screen would transfix kidinbox in such a fashion, that the face would droop, the eyes would widen and the gaze would fix on that nineteen inches of space.  It was such that I would hear the desire to watch some show, and I would announce “OK, assume the position.”  Then make an elongated face, stare fixed.  This, of course, was not appreciated by kidinbox, but what could kid do?  Watch the show.  Now kidinbox is moved out and Jake and Pearl are moved in.  Between spouseinbox and I, we have decided that the back sliding glass doors are the cat television.  Mominbox has two feeders plus a humming bird feeder on the back porch and there are a couple of field mice which have taken up residence under the overhang of the siding right next to the door.  Net effect is that the cats will sit there and stare out the door.  Occasionally, they will bump their heads on the window trying to reach the tasty morsel running around on the other side.  In the evening, the sun gets such a place in the sky, that it shines in those doors and blinds anyone sitting facing them, so we shut the vertical blinds.   Jake is not content to allow the television to be closed, so he pushes aside the slats to keep watching – blinding the person sitting at the table.  “Jake!”  (innocent look presented.)  One evening, we finally had to move him to the bedroom and shut the door to allow unblinded supper time.


There is an individual at church who has MS.  For this note, I’ll call this person Joe.  Joe has had this disorder for many years and is in such a  shape as requiring assistance for everything.  Part of the task performed was to take Joe to a relative who owned a restaurant for lunch.  I would have to feed him.  It was possible for Joe to wipe his mouth, but not much other due to the lack of muscle control.  Over the time period I worked with Joe and took him to church, I tried things to assist with this problem.  I went to a store, picked up a knife and spoon, and made a pvc mount on the handles of each.  This consisted of two pieces of tubing with the inside piece having an offset 90 degree with lead in the end.  I made a strap over the larger one which could slide over the hand meaning all Joe would have to do was move from the plate to the mouth.  The strap would hold the utensil on the hand, and the lead weight would keep the spoon or fork level.  Joe tried to use the utensils, and that’s when I realized the difference between usage of the gross and fine motor muscles.  The movement was performed in a fair manner until the utensil was near the mouth, then shaking would begin which would drop everything on the utensil.  Scrap the utensils.

There was Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I sought donations to purchase, borrowed a large screen TV and held it up for Joe to see.  That’s when I discovered the largest writing I could produce on a large television was barely readable.  The voice production was such that the naturally speaking product was unable to decipher what words were desired.  I donated this to someone else.

While describing these attempts and feeling down about the failures to another individual at church, I received a phrase which has stuck with me since: “you don’t have to succeed to have shown love.”

No, this is not an article of how much any particular individual is having gleaned, but rather a test of what is possible for the federal government to glean about anyone who is online.

Consider the kids in the bedroom with an open door.  Mentally close the door if you wish.  You can still hear their voices and know what toys and other assorted things are existing in that room.  You further have experience with them and are able to judge what their behavior patterns show as well as the subjects which have shown interest during this particular time frame.  Using that information and a modicum of reasoning, I as parent, make a comment to said child in the room – “I told you to make your bed, not play with toy (x).”  Mentally, you see the child’s eyes widen, face elongate, and the toy drop to the floor as they wonder how on earth you knew what they were doing without being there.  You must be a god.  (That’s a good aura to maintain for a small period of time.  It helps maintaining behavior.)

The federal government wants nothing more than that exact scenario with each of us.  They desire the ability to judge our behavior by simply noting the behavior we have performed, and applying appropriate pressure in the right areas – those areas which will elicit the desired behavior for themselves.  Yes, they look at us in this fashion.  It was started by Erickson (I believe) many years ago.  I tried to find the phrase without luck, but it was something like – I can pick at random what each child will become by rewarding the behaviors tending towards that trait.

The research done by Sean Galligher shows what the feds are picking up on each of us.  From the comments, here is a piece:

AT&T “brain” updates. Dave Porcello intercepted a file download from AT&T to an iPhone that included default settings for a variety of services. One of those settings, Porcello said, was a switch that tells the iPhone to automatically connect to Wi-Fi access points with the SSID “attwifi”. Attackers who want to put themselves in the middle between a phone and the broader Internet need only have their attacking device advertise with the SSID in the file. That feature can be disabled on iPhone devices, but according to Pwnie Express’ Oliver Weis, that isn’t the case with AT&T Android devices.

I wonder if that applies to unlocked AT&T branded phones?

Edit: I’m glad you did mobile apps, especially with the appification of the internet. People may get a false sense of security because “it’s not the web” in their eyes.

Read the report and consider what this regime desires with power.  Yes, information gathered provides power, (which is why I give the least amount of detail when the census comes).

I saw small group wearing black tee shirts yesterday.  There was one wearing a black shirt in the group which did not have writing, but a pair had matching sets of writing showing a large “atheist” on the front, and on the back something like “Abilene Atheist Association A3”.  I say “fools” per instruction from Psalms 53:1 “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.” 

We saw “God is not Dead” the other day.  It was a rather interesting film.  I liked their arguments and how they didn’t shrink away from some of the tougher subjects.  I will admit wanting more information, or detail on the woman depicted with cancer.  With healings and usage of medicine, there are still a great number of people with diseases who die.  I wish the movie had spend a bit more time on that particular subject.  After all, I am a nurse. 

Feminists, that is.

(Be aware, the images described are troubling.)

Yes, Miss Nevada, self-defense is a good thing.  There’s that 2nd amendment in the Constitution built on the premise that people are responsible for themselves and need a defense against others – including the government.  Those wishing to disarm us do not use facts, or truth in their arguments.  In this case in particular, the argument of “teach men not to rape” is that every man is a rapist.  Using that definition, every woman is a prostitute.  Peter well states that those who are evil have no intention of altering their behavior.  Teaching is useless.  This is a heart matter.  When one is breaking into your house, do you pull out the white board and provide an outline with arguments on how that behavior is unacceptable, or do you pull out the 12ga and take care of the business of defending yourself?  Which one would be effective?

I was assisting at a doctor’s office and noted an interesting poster in the back of his office.  It was a black and white picture of an atomic bomb and I asked if this was the hydrogen bomb used to remove the island.  I couldn’t remember the name.  The doctor responded that it was his representation of the future state of healthcare in this country as he cannot see the removal of obammacare, and it isn’t fully implemented yet.  I went looking for the picture and found similar:

Here is just one link

The reason they are not going to give up obammacare is power.  Pure power.  The ability to have control over life and death.  That is what they really desire and have stated and demonstrated what is in store.  Zero, during the campaign was asked about a 105 year old woman who had a really strong spirit, received a pacemaker and lived an additional 5 years.  His response was that there was a time to take a pain pill.  The former head of this monstrosity refused to provide a 10 year old girl permission to have a lung transplant.  Imagine, for a fearsome moment, that the administration which targeted – illegally – tea party groups simply because of their beliefs, will now have access to every individual’s health record and approval power over their treatment.  Is there any hint of doubt that this regime would utilize those records for political purposes?  Imagine that your health treatment is approved by a bureaucrat with access to all your personal information.  (remember that the IRS sent files as well – illegally) Did you contribute to appropriate causes, or those in opposition to the regime?  Will this cause VA type of waiting list, or if proper donations have been noted, and quick move to the front of the line?  I believe the possibilities are unpleasant, and real.

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

  • Attributed to “The First President of the United States” in “Liberty and Government” by W. M., in The Christian Science Journal, Vol. XX, No. 8 (November 1902) edited by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 465; no earlier or original source for this statement is cited; later quoted in The Cry for Justice : An Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest (1915) edited by Upton Sinclair, p. 305, from which it became far more widely quoted and in Frank J. Wilstach, A Dictionary of Similes, 2d ed., p. 526 (1924). In The Great Thoughts (1985), George Seldes says, p. 441, col. 2, footnote, this paragraph “although credited to the ‘Farewell’ [address] cannot be found in it. Lawson Hamblin, who owns a facsimile, and Horace Peck, America’s foremost authority on quotations, informed me this paragraph is apocryphal.” This can be found with minor variations in wording and in punctuation, and with “fearful” for “troublesome,” in George Seldes’s book, p. 727 (1966).

I have not seen one of these in probably a decade.  He was inside the screen of the back sliding door – probably to get away from the birds.  I notice that he has had a close call – only 5 legs remain.  I put him in a tree for better camouflage.

walking stick

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