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“Intellectualism is intelligence that has been left in the back of the fridge for seven months”.

I like his observation of presentation of kids and their abilities.  Bill W. then took the turn towards thought and I am noting the age presented was when boys were removed from real men and taught fear, not bravery. As an aside, I also remember G. Gordon Liddy mentioning taking guns to school.  They would place them on top of the coat rack and after school, go shooting.  This was a time when this country had development of real men.  Every one of them understood what their rifle was to do.  Knowledge was not the issue.  Character was.  It still is.

I wonder if there is an innate desire for the presence of men, and that is the reason there are still “God bless John Wayne” bumper stickers.  Have there been any real men presented to this population since Mr. Wayne left us?  I just have memories of the intellectuals and the advance of women and degradation of men to the point that the male has to receive approval from the female before whatever act is approved.

Recently, I have noted the father’s day cards and their quiet barbs at the men.  Take a moment and look.  Reverse sex roles and see if you would even consider saying to your mother that she spends all day on the couch – for example.

The father of Lost in Space was a real man: appropriately emotional, thoughtful, responsible, guiding.  I’m tempted to find the original series just to watch this presentation.