Any who frequent here will note the big break from April until recently.  I started posting again, without comment as I have been wondering at what depth to comment.  I will note being drained physically from the change forced by the old company combined with finding a new job and making the transition.  I worked both jobs for a couple of weeks to get the paycheck from the new one going before stopping the old company.  I like to eat, you know.  The rental garage we were using decided to hike its rates, so we rushed on the basics of the new shed and cleaned out the garage to the shed – which is still not complete, but at least in waterproof shape.  We are working on insulating the inside and will perform the shuffle to get to the walls as time allows.  We finished the back wall to the left of the door allowing the shelving to be placed.  The shelving is what I obtained from a grocery store remodel.  They had a stack of the old shelves and supports sitting at the side of the store, I asked if that was to be taken, was informed “yes” so obtained 12′ of store quality shelves.  There are 8′ of shelves in the center of the shed allowing for smaller units to be placed on the front and back walls.  Keeping this to 8′ allows a 4′ walkway and a bench on the other end of the shed where all the tools will find a home – eventually.

One other activity we did was go to a Michael W. Smith concert at a city not too far from bugburg.  The concert was good, and loud, but what caught my attention was a black and white picture on the wall of a Dairy Queen at which we stopped along the way.  The picture was of a sundae special for 1 cent.  Yes, I double checked later and it truly was a penny for a sundae.  Now, it’s $2.39.  Can anyone say quantitative easing?  How about the simpler name – degradation of the dollar.

We had a storm  which knocked out internet service at home, so the reason I have been able to post, besides taking vacation and having time to do so, is that I am utilizing the wifi from the hotel.  I checked with kidinbox, and after the repairman visit, the internet is still not working at home.  Oh well.  I will have to call once we return.  That said, considering the previous post, it’s probably obvious we are on an anniversary vacation.  We decided to come up to a portion of Texas neither of us had seen yet, and spend a week scouting about, seeing whatever was interesting, and doing a lot of nothing.  So far, I think we have been rather successful.  I have attempted to make a joule thief, but was unsuccessful.  I can claim it was fun trying.  I will admit a bit of nerves considering that the hotel staff has access to our room.   How does it look to have a little black box sitting on the table, soldering iron, flux, and solder to the side and various electronic components strewn about – not to mention the doughnut shaped magnet wrapped with wire?  That noted, I have occasionally packed the items into a box or stacked them on the dresser.

The city in which we are has some interesting, howbeit difficult to find points of interest.  We just began by arriving and driving straight through it.  Once on the North side, realized it wasn’t the nicest part of town and retreated towards the West.  (When the stores all have bars on their windows and doors, I consider that a hint.)  Driving out the West side of town I noted at a glance, a shooting range.  On contemplation, however, it occurred to me that there were no targets.  We turned around and went back to the sight.
photo 3 (7)There were people milling about, so I decided this was not a shooting range as the first glance would suggest.  We went back later and obtained a close look.

photo 2 (7)Someone had gone to the trouble of burying old Cadillacs and offered the opportunity to any to spray graffiti on them.  There were many cans strewn on the ground and even a couple of girls there not content on simply spraying the cars – they painted on themselves too.  There was enough paint on the cars that locations of layers fallen were obvious.  I had a wonder what such activity says about the culture.

We also found a RV museum which was put together by a dealership on the South of town.  This place was quite interesting having a combination of RVs from multiple decades ago combined with Harley Davidson’s hanging from the walls.  There were campers, buses, and the first Winnebago.  All, incidentally, for free.  It was paid for by the dealership willing to sell you one of their stock.  Isn’t capitalism great?   I did have one camper that gave pause.  Remember that we are in a museum showing how things used to be.  These are the “old” items.  competition to LeggoThese were similar to some of the toys I had as a kid.  (It bugged me that they would not connect to the Leggos I had.  Of course, there was no copyright understanding at that age.)  That noted, I defiantly state that I am not a museum piece.  🙂

Next week, I start back to work at the new job.  It has occurred to me that the worst part of this is that I hate being a newbie.  It takes a bit to learn where all the paperwork goes.  The job of being a nurse is rather uniform.  Placement of orders is quite fluid.  My boss says that in about a month things will start to make sense.  In the mean time, I will just keep plugging away and asking questions.

Once again, Happy Anniversary, spouseinbox.  I love you.