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Notice that, of the seven issues highlighted, six of them revolve around sex.  This is no surprise in a culture obsessed with sex.  As John MacArthur noted several years ago, the war that is raging between the City of God, or biblical Christianity, and the City of Man, or the satanic world system, surrounds one single area: sex.

As our culture continues its descent into more and greater immorality, perhaps the best question to ask is “How long?”  How long until families led by fathers and mothers are the minority?  How long until it is no longer legal to speak or write the truth, as revealed by God, on sexual issues?  How long before America wakes up?  How long before we are past the point of no return in this moral collapse?

The players here are noted to be the Democrat party and the media.  I would toss in the schools as that is the arena where instruction of sex has blossomed in recent decades.  (I could have picked more picturesque terms, but decided not to go there.)  Recommendation: if you have kids in public school, get them out.  It is not education they are receiving there.  As Thomas Sowell noted: instruction of sex would only take a class or two.  The only reason to instruct on it for multiple years is to alter the teaching received at home.  (I tried, but  could not find the reference.  I believe It was TS who said it.)