One tactic of the liberals is to utilize words and change what they mean when saying them.  To utilize an example I have mentioned earlier: gay.  The proper term is homosexual.  The connotations were not considered good, so a campaign began to change the name of these to a word meaning light, fun, happy…except that they aren’t as I noted.

The new term of desire for the regime and media was that they “rescued” the deserting private.  I refuse to use that term in regards to this situation.  The truthful description is they unlawfully released terrorist commanders to one muslim party while paying off another to obtain a deserter/traitor.  I can’t find a word to encapsulate this concept, but “rescued” isn’t even in the ballpark.

Fossil fuels.  There was a concept present to us when I was in grade school – many moons ago – that the dinosaurs were crushed under the earth with great pressure to provide us the bounty of oil we have today.  The usage of that illustration is that it gives the concept that there is a definitely small amount of reserves available to us and we need to conserve.  Apply some real life and consider again.  How many million barrels are pumped out of the ground?  How much dinosaur tissue was required to produce even one?   How could it arrive at 3000 feet underground?  I posit the notion that we have used up all of whatever dinosaur supplies were there and are using what the earth provides us.  How about calling them Earth-derived fuels?

Progressives.  There is a cultural trait we have of calling an individual, unless they disagree with us, what they wish to name themselves.  Progressive is a term embodying the concept of progress, a forward thinking positive feeling name.  Except that they push policies displayed in the  1930’s in Germany.  We know the outcome of those policies, yet don’t call them what they really are.  My proposal is that we name them correctly: communist, fascist, socialist; depending upon where in the spectrum their policies place them.

When I think of others, I will start another post.