As all things relaxing and enjoyable do, this time has come to an end.  We are headed back to bugburg today with work starting tomorrow entailing all of the usual Monday activities.  That said, we are going back to an internet which was theoretically fixed and about which kidinbox stated was still not working.  The last time I requested the unit be fixed, the waiting list was engaged and we were to receive assistance on the following month.  The repairman came while we were vacationing.  Therefore, I have no assurance of when further posts will be forthcoming.  Just being honest.  So here is one link for the road – so to speak.

I have long desired the repeal of the 17th amendment.  That is the beast removing states from the federal government.  Its removal would put an effective block between the voters and their senators.  The senate would no longer be able to purchase votes via fiscal policy as their presence would be dictated by their respective states – and their allegiance would be noted by different behavior than we have witnessed this last century.  Imagine the outcome, using the article’s illustration, of the impeachment of Bill Clinton if the senate did not have to face ANY voters before or after their decision, but did have to face their state legislatures?  There are many other changes which I would desire – removal of most bureaucracies (foremost being school and EPA), but changing the manner of election of the senate would be paramount as that would reset the flow of power in the government back away from Washington and the media.