I am now working in a clinic.  There are visits and patients to get ready to see the doctor.  My job is to get them back in the room, check their height, weight, whatever numbers the doctor for whom I work wants.  Mostly it is the blood pressure and sometimes pulse or oxygen level.  The reason these are checked, is that they are a very quick way to ascertain what is happening on the inside.  The numbers change constantly.  I had a rare occurrence this week – two patients receiving identical blood pressures each on the first and second checks.  That is pretty much unheard of.  That is why we do it – the blood pressure responds to life.  Stress increases it, dehydration and relaxation decrease it.  I would only recommend the second of those decreasing methods.  Just saying.  I had a particular individual who was a driver.  There is a base number for the state to allow any professional driver to be behind the wheel.  This person was just above that number.  When the number is very low or high, I wait a couple of minutes, and the machine is set to repeat the blood pressure again.  During the 2 minutes, I mentioned to the patient keeping the image of an open road.  The next blood pressure was lower.  I waited another 2 minutes and this time mentioned the open road and not a cop in sight.  The blood pressure, this time, was rather good.  Sometimes it’s all in the imagery.