I was assisting at a doctor’s office and noted an interesting poster in the back of his office.  It was a black and white picture of an atomic bomb and I asked if this was the hydrogen bomb used to remove the island.  I couldn’t remember the name.  The doctor responded that it was his representation of the future state of healthcare in this country as he cannot see the removal of obammacare, and it isn’t fully implemented yet.  I went looking for the picture and found similar:

Here is just one link

The reason they are not going to give up obammacare is power.  Pure power.  The ability to have control over life and death.  That is what they really desire and have stated and demonstrated what is in store.  Zero, during the campaign was asked about a 105 year old woman who had a really strong spirit, received a pacemaker and lived an additional 5 years.  His response was that there was a time to take a pain pill.  The former head of this monstrosity refused to provide a 10 year old girl permission to have a lung transplant.  Imagine, for a fearsome moment, that the administration which targeted – illegally – tea party groups simply because of their beliefs, will now have access to every individual’s health record and approval power over their treatment.  Is there any hint of doubt that this regime would utilize those records for political purposes?  Imagine that your health treatment is approved by a bureaucrat with access to all your personal information.  (remember that the IRS sent files as well – illegally) Did you contribute to appropriate causes, or those in opposition to the regime?  Will this cause VA type of waiting list, or if proper donations have been noted, and quick move to the front of the line?  I believe the possibilities are unpleasant, and real.

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

  • Attributed to “The First President of the United States” in “Liberty and Government” by W. M., in The Christian Science Journal, Vol. XX, No. 8 (November 1902) edited by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 465; no earlier or original source for this statement is cited; later quoted in The Cry for Justice : An Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest (1915) edited by Upton Sinclair, p. 305, from which it became far more widely quoted and in Frank J. Wilstach, A Dictionary of Similes, 2d ed., p. 526 (1924). In The Great Thoughts (1985), George Seldes says, p. 441, col. 2, footnote, this paragraph “although credited to the ‘Farewell’ [address] cannot be found in it. Lawson Hamblin, who owns a facsimile, and Horace Peck, America’s foremost authority on quotations, informed me this paragraph is apocryphal.” This can be found with minor variations in wording and in punctuation, and with “fearful” for “troublesome,” in George Seldes’s book, p. 727 (1966).