Feminists, that is.

(Be aware, the images described are troubling.)

Yes, Miss Nevada, self-defense is a good thing.  There’s that 2nd amendment in the Constitution built on the premise that people are responsible for themselves and need a defense against others – including the government.  Those wishing to disarm us do not use facts, or truth in their arguments.  In this case in particular, the argument of “teach men not to rape” is that every man is a rapist.  Using that definition, every woman is a prostitute.  Peter well states that those who are evil have no intention of altering their behavior.  Teaching is useless.  This is a heart matter.  When one is breaking into your house, do you pull out the white board and provide an outline with arguments on how that behavior is unacceptable, or do you pull out the 12ga and take care of the business of defending yourself?  Which one would be effective?