Many moons ago, there was the patter of small feet through the house.  Let’s be honest.  There was the stomping of feet though the hallways and shrill screams concerning toys, plus and minus, and other noises common to the younger of our species.  One period of time seemed to separate the kid from this – television watching.  For some reason, the images on that little screen would transfix kidinbox in such a fashion, that the face would droop, the eyes would widen and the gaze would fix on that nineteen inches of space.  It was such that I would hear the desire to watch some show, and I would announce “OK, assume the position.”  Then make an elongated face, stare fixed.  This, of course, was not appreciated by kidinbox, but what could kid do?  Watch the show.  Now kidinbox is moved out and Jake and Pearl are moved in.  Between spouseinbox and I, we have decided that the back sliding glass doors are the cat television.  Mominbox has two feeders plus a humming bird feeder on the back porch and there are a couple of field mice which have taken up residence under the overhang of the siding right next to the door.  Net effect is that the cats will sit there and stare out the door.  Occasionally, they will bump their heads on the window trying to reach the tasty morsel running around on the other side.  In the evening, the sun gets such a place in the sky, that it shines in those doors and blinds anyone sitting facing them, so we shut the vertical blinds.   Jake is not content to allow the television to be closed, so he pushes aside the slats to keep watching – blinding the person sitting at the table.  “Jake!”  (innocent look presented.)  One evening, we finally had to move him to the bedroom and shut the door to allow unblinded supper time.