We had a simple, and tasty supper this evening.  It was copied off a deli at which we ate last week.  I picked up some tortillas at a dollar store while there shopping for other wares, obtained a couple of chicken breasts in a bag from the frozen aisle, and asked spouseinbox to grab some dried fruit with nuts.  While spouseinbox was at the store, I put a couple frozen chicken breasts in a pan with water and some spices.  I put the burner on low as they had to thaw before cooking and wanted them done without a hard side.  When they were mostly cooked, I diced them and put them back in the pan.  We then cut up some salad which remained in the refrigerator, added a bit of fresh diced spinach and I diced up the dried fruit to make small pieces.  I like a Balsamic vinaigrette dressing while mominbox likes ranch.  Grab a tortilla, drop a bit of the salad on it, sprinkle some dried fruit (and nuts) over the top, put a few pieces of chicken over that, and a small line of dressing.  Wrap the tortilla, and enjoy.  It was rather simple, and quite good.