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Good American Communists know that owning the factors of production in a failing economy is inferior to controlling them. When you own them and they fail, such as in the USSR, then Communism takes the blame. In our American variant, if the economy fails, largely due to over regulation, Capitalism will be blamed. That is the plan.

This will be done in a similar fashion to reporting on corruption.  Note that when a Democrat is caught the party title is never mentioned.  Let a conservative, Christian, Catholic, or Republican be caught, and that is major news.  Propaganda.  The MSP.

I note the comments strayed from the original article.  Just imagine a government agency that can make its own rules, evaluate any citizen’s cooperation with their edicts, and forceably remove property from that individual with no recourse from the citizen.  Chance of corruption?  IRS anyone?  Of what governmental system does this remind you?