Do you remember the Mash rerun where each person was wanting something for something else?  Well, we need to get the truck registered.  To get it registered, we need it inspected.  To get it inspected, all the pertinent items need to be operational.  The parking brake is not holding the truck on an incline.  Therefore, the parking brake needed to be tightened.  The yoke to tighten the parking brake was rusted from the salt on the East coast.  Rather than fight rust, I decided we might as well build a new one and just cut off the old.  To build a new yoke, I obtained a piece of metal and two bolts with locking nuts.  We went into the shed and put the new workbench to good use building a new yoke: brake partNow, all we have to do is cut off the old one, to install the new one, to get the parking brake working, to get the truck inspected, to get it acceptable for registration.  Mash rerun, in real life.