This afternoon, I actually had time off work.  That is, I had time away from that activity which produced a paycheck.  Labor continued.  The task chosen was the job of changing size of a galvanized pipe to a smaller diameter which would fit into the flag pole which was previously damaged.  The size obtained was just big enough that the threaded end would fit into the flag pole, and nothing else.  It was an “Oh well” moment.  I took it back to the plumbing store and exchanged for a size smaller as well as a smaller PVC cap which I sanded to fit into the inside of the flag pole.  That was to remove the chance of clank were the end not secure in the flagpole.  While on this project I noted an inscription on the side of the galvanized pole reading Jazeera Oman (and then some letters).  I mulled on the subject and realized the situation in which we now find ourselves.  Bethlehem Steel is no longer.  I looked them up and found their memorial.  What is sad is that on the site where they manufactured a phenomenal amount of steel, they had to find 16,000 tons of steel to build the casino which was to take its place.  So, instead of the great manufacturer producing our basis for building, we now import the basis for our structures from the very people who have a desire to kill each one of us, and the ideology which led to the destruction of the trade towers and deaths of thousands of Americans.  Yes, now we are building with basic parts embossed with the name of our enemies.  Within each of our structures will be the name of those who desire our demise.  In the practical sense this means that we are giving our hard earned money to our enemies for something we could have produced here in our own country and proudly had previously done so.  Such a situation could not have happened by chance.  This took effort to do.  That effort was done on this side of the globe by those who do not hold our values or country in high regard.

As for myself, I mentally rubbed the name with a piece of bacon.