One thing I enjoy is finding a well written comment.  Here is part of one from this article

“However, we began moving down another mine-field strewn path when in the early 20th century we began to misreport our history as being driven by economics rather than morals. And here we sit, still confused about why there is so much evil in the world. Science or economics are simply inadequate to explain the deep and eternal longings of Man. In that choice, we left ourselves bereft of any cogent way to explain our present predicament when we ditched God and assumed hysterically that the Christian and Islamist prayed to the same Creator of the Universe.”

One observation I heard some time back is related to this and Jerusalem.  What is so interesting about this small hill in a desert with no natural adequate water or strategic demographics.  It does, however, have a strategic location in Christianity, Judaism, and islam.  Therefore, what we are seeing in the middle east is spiritual in nature.