My morning has a usual routine to it.  The alarm incites appropriate dendritic activity, I take care of necessary operations, and walk to the coffee maker.  Sometimes I walk to the coffee maker first.  If my funeral is in the morning, there should be a coffee cup in my hand.  The procedure for the coffee maker is rather basic – remove the old filter and discard making sure I don’t baptize myself and the floor with yesterday’s grounds.  You may guess by this inclusion that the experience has occurred.  Next I place a new filter and scoop of coffee in said new filter, swing the water spout into place and grab the carafe to obtain an appropriate amount of water.  This is poured into the back of the coffee maker and the switch then turned to on  so that the morning’s flavor may commence.  Simple.  Basic.  Straightforward.  I could do this in my sleep.  Apparently, the other day, I did, and left an additional filter with grounds under the one I was removing.  My claim will be that the effects of the coffee only occur after imbibing its richness, so therefore I could not be aware prior to that point….yes, that will be the argument, or I could simply say I was tired yesterday.