Mominbox and I went to a sandwich shop last evening.  It was decorated in a roughly 50’s style of advertisements, and paraphernalia.  There were games there designed mechanically, which our present games make up for electronically.  One I remember was the driving car where the car was an actual model and the road was a roll of plastic (I’m guessing) that rolled underneath.  See, there was life before the x-box.  Anyways, there was one particular sign that caught my eye – both for the age, and the content.  I looked up the origin of Walmart and noted that Sam Walton purchased a store in 1950.    I don’t have a date from the sign, so can’t compare to whether it came first, Sam started first, or both had a similar idea:

hardware store advertisementhardware store advertisementWith the lights, I knew some of it was going to be hard to read, so here is the text:

Hardware Co
Depew, Okla
‘complete house furnishers’
licensed embalmer
auto service day or night
Just think – Add a funeral parlor to Walmart, and one can have everything at an “everyday low price,” just like this store from our history.  Come to the funeral, cry with the family, wish them well, have your oil changed during the service, and grab some milk and on the way home.  What could be more convenient than that?