The front yard has been progressing.  This week saw the addition of 6 yards of rock.  I’m thinking it is at least a ton per yard so you can figure out how much we moved.  The start of the move was easier as we just took it down the pile and towards the boarder.  The farther from the boarder, the more difficult it became.  I tried a wheelbarrow and discovered that a full load sank into the rock and I couldn’t push it.  Later, I discovered that 10 shovel fulls of rock would roll quite fine.  You can get the impression that we did many trips from the pile across the yard, and you would be correct.  We still need to finish smoothing the pile to the low areas and get about 4 blocks to finish the South boarder, but for the most part, the rock is there.  Here is our present product:

front yardOur plan is to have flowers in the planter next year.