While shoveling, I had time to think and fume about Zero creating a new first for a president – the first to introduce the ebola virus to this continent.  As I mused on the subject, it occurred to me that there is no downside to Zero from this action.  Consider the following: the usual outcome of this is the patient is dead.  We received a letter from Samaritan’s Purse the other day announcing how good God is – one person survived.  One.  Person.  Survived.  The normal course is the victim is dead, therefore, if these two die, it will be broadcast as the normal course of events.  No bad outcome for Zero, tough luck for the patients – and that would have been their normal course had they stayed in Africa as well.  Number two: the medical community has success and these two survive.  Zero can toot his horn and say this decision was the best for the patients, and look at what a good decision maker he is.  Why just see what’s in store when he starts making decisions about everyone else’s health care…  Again, no bad outcome for Zero.  Pause for a moment and consider how the countries deal with ebola presently – quarantine.  The people are not allowed to leave, and when everyone is dead and buried, it is over.  (Don’t forget that the victims are contagious while dead as well)  Let’s say this gets out of hospital quarantine and into the American city.  How can this be a plus for Zero?  Consider his actions and deduct back to intentions.  This is a person desirous of creating a communist state.  TSA, NSA, VIPR.  Imagine the impetus provided to quarantine a city if there is an outbreak and the coverage that would be provided for such actions.  An outbreak would be a biologic Reichstag fire to allow activation of the federal agencies and their 2 billion bullets.  Zero wins.  We lose.  The country.  Many will lose their lives, but when has a statist concerned himself about the lives of the population?  Call me cynical, but I think it’s just a proper evaluation of the facts at hand.