There is one observation I have made over time.  That is, when one is coming out of leftism, that individual expresses a desire for truth.  When they seek the truth, the left has lost a follower.  One expressed his transformation quite well here.  The fact that lies, half truths, and deception are needed to maintain one’s association with the ideology, the left has a desire to train the young – those with the fewest resources to combat what has been presented.  I believe this to be the true fight in the schools.  If one really wanted to train the young, proper education would be the result, not prizes for everyone, political correctness, unthoughtful drug and weapon policies.  These are the product of a desire to control, not teach.  Teaching takes into account the possibility that the pupil may look at the information and come up with a different idea.  Control approaches training in the mode that any deviation should be punished.  One group in this fight related to education is FIRE.  Just a thought – if freedom of thought and concept was desired and practiced on school campuses, how could a group like FIRE exist?  I checked the rating of a couple of universities I have previously attended, and noted that one was scored red and the other yellow.