Mominbox is very generous – with her time.  She feels obligated to answer questionnaires that come in the mail from political types all over the country.  This approach has led us to apply a “no soliciting” sign to the front door.  After all, her personality doesn’t change between a piece of paper and a person.  I was at work a couple of days ago when my phone rang and mominbox was on the other end.  She was rather frantic about someone coming over to the house to do the carpet.  I had no information about anyone coming to the house, much less working on our carpet – which is only about 22 months old – thank you very much.  Once home, more of the story was retrieved – someone had come to the door and spoke with her, offered to clean the carpets and requested her phone number and ID information.  She was stressed trying to get stuff moved for a cleaning and not being able to do so, as well as realizing someone was coming into the house – really not desired.  I informed her not to worry, no one would be coming into the house.  I would take care of the issue.  I went outside and opened the truck to start working on it as we had been doing all week at that point.  That location was the perfect position to catch anyone approaching.  It wasn’t too long before some SUV drove up and parked at the end of the driveway.  A man exited the vehicle and went to the back to open the tailgate.  I approached and requested, “May I help you?”  The response was he was there to clean the carpet.  I pointed to the sign on the door – very obvious from the street and stated there was no soliciting here and we didn’t want anything done to the carpet.  The man tried clarifying that he spoke with a lady of the house, and I made it clear that I was the owner and had not spoke with him, he could have a pleasant evening.  He shut the tailgate and got back into his vehicle trying to clarify with the other individual in the vehicle with whom he had spoken.  Off they drove.  A few minutes later, mominbox brought me out a phone with a lady’s voice on the other end wondering what had happened as all they were trying to do was provide the winnings of a drawing – a free carpet cleaning.  I clarified my identity as owner of the house and that we had no interest in any carpet cleaning.  Upon entering the house again, mominbox presented me with the torn-off paper from the earlier encounter showing in large bold $1000.00 gas or grocery card with a date and some fine print below.  On the back of the card was the following: “…may be called at their home for the purpose of having a home presentation of the Kirby Sentria.”

So, let’s recap.  The representatives of this company – Kirby Sentria – took advantage of a kind and generous senior lady.  They ignored our very clear and bold directive and bothered mominbox under the guise of winning a free carpet cleaning all for the purpose of selling the vacuum.  I received a very stressed call from mominbox and had to speak with two representatives, two different times to get across the idea that this was our home and the sign said “no soliciting.”  Keep this in mind next time you hear the name Kirby.  I shop at a department store for my vacuum.  To say I have no interest in Kirby is putting it mildly, and after last week, it will be a cold day in a very hot place before they receive any of my money.  Was I in any way unclear?