We have had a frozen turkey sitting in cryogenic space for most of  a year.  On a whim, I suggested we put it in the smoker for supper the following day.  Spouseinbox was in agreement, and we cut up the wood chips into small pieces to operate the smoker.  We do that task as a discovery of how much better the smoker runs on smaller chips.  The initial setting was 190 degrees and a frozen turkey inserted.  I added more chips the following morning and we checked on it at lunch time.  The red indicator still had not popped, so I decided to turn up the temp a little and made it 220 as well as adding another set of wood.  After work, we added a last set of wood chips and went to the store for some stuff.  Upon return, we were greeted with this:photo(1)It was fork tender and moist as well.  We had our fill that meal, and then divided it up into 4 more bags for additional meals.  Yes, come November, I know how we are going to prepare the bird.