I had a phone call the other day that still irritates me a bit.  I explained what I do in the previous post, so just know that I was on the phone trying to get said individual to see a doctor for a post hospital visit.  This person was entirely concerned with the cost of the visit and expressed displeasure being in Texas as we expected them to pay to see the doctor.  I will have to admit having a firestorm in the back of my head: “ummm, do you pay for food?  Do you pay for (x)?  Is our service that low on your list that it is not worth pay?  Do you expect someone else to pay for you?  Etc.”  I was good and kept the dendrites firing on the back burner.  It did, however, remind me of the mindset displayed with the riots and other melees receiving a lot or no coverage depending upon the amount of melanin the media discovers on which offender.  Am I suggesting that the media is playing a role in this societal degradation by partially presenting the news?  Yes.  Next question?  Remember the plan of Marx where two groups would be pitted against each other depending upon whether they were business owners or workers?  The MSP and other forms of entertainment and media have just adapted this concept and substituted race for business owners.  Realize that they are using Marx’s form as stated as well.  That’s covered with the “wealth inequality” being bandied about.  Imagine for a moment a society where the individuals work for what is theirs and it can’t be taken on the whim of a government official.  While in that line of thought consider that these same individuals are responsible for their decisions by having to live the consequences of them.  That setup would force better decisions as time progressed and individuals sought to improve their individual circumstances.  We have just the opposite in this country because behavior is maintained by removing money from workers and giving it to nonworkers.  Laziness is rewarded and the natural consequence that would normally provide thrift and responsible behavior is frustrated.  There is no wonder at the behavior presented when on considers “you get what you pay for” and we have spent trillions making this.