Yes for a FEUDAL state to work there has to be a HUGE disparity between the rich and the poor AKA no middle class. Why else do you think that over FOUR HUNDRED new taxes were levied upon the ever disappearing middle class, why we are expected to carry the burden of socialized healthcare, countless kids living in poverty, the millions of lazy people in this country, the imported poverty from South America, the socialist policies of the elitist Left, the implementation of the PC agenda, the destruction of our civil liberties, and the dumbing down of our population through the mis-education of our youth? It is all so we can return to the modern version of Dark Ages. It is how the monarchy kept control of its population and its nobility.

From here. – in the comments section.  As Rush says, in all comedy there is a bit of truth.  In this case, they are just admitting the obvious…and doing so without the slightest fear of reprisal.