While I am writing this, an oriel is sitting in the back tree.  Usually, color is used for camouflage, not in his case. The area immediately behind where he was sitting is our fence which was damaged by a storm earlier in the year.  We had the adjuster come out and adjusted it well below what was necessary to fix the fence, and so, we are doing it ourselves.  We have a hammer-drill which handles a 1″ bit and works rather well digging through the chaliche.  My plan was to dig out 4 posts (by noon), get the posts set, and install the fence by Monday.  Well, today is Monday and that oriel was sitting in front of the fence which was supposed to be gone by now.  Oh well, About 4 hours in on Saturday, I managed to get through the first concrete, and that also needed an A-frame with come-a-long to pull out the broken base of the former fencepost.  Actually, I used 2 come-alongs: one hooked over the bar of the A-frame and the second to do the pulling.  I bent the handle of the first come-a-long trying to pull up the post, and had to switch their positions.  About that point, all hope of finishing the job tied itself to Bin-Ladin’s body bag and drug itself down to the bottom of the sea.  Being tenacious, I tried working on the next concrete post, and finally cried uncle about 10″ down.  As hard as caliche is, concrete is harder.  That being said, relocating the holes finally became an option.  This leaves one detail remaining: concrete has a cure time and I wanted to get the fence applied so that unwanted visitors have a big hint.  What to do… while, I could put up the fence first, then pour the concrete which will mean the concrete won’t be disturbed once there.  We now have a piece of fence applied and held plumb with leaning posts awaiting the application of concrete.  Two more sections of fence need this treatment, and I have only today free before work time applies again.  I’ll type to you later.  May your labor day be filled with little labor.  There is a bit of irony there.