I get to say, now, that the fence is done.  I am sitting here with a large bandaid on my L shin, multiple scratches to the hands and arms and a back that is rather unhappy with me, but the fence is done.  We are just waiting on the concrete to cure, then will remove the support boards and clean the yard.  That is one job done to make up for the damage done by a storm in late spring.

While digging in a hole, it occurred to me that the fence companies do the job phenomenally faster using a hydraulic drill and ram on the back of a tractor.  I have no idea how much they would charge to drill a couple of holes, but there was a trencher for rent, a year ago, for $200 for three hours.  Let’s imagine that applies here and I can get 4 holes done for $200.  That’s $50 per hole.  That fifty dollars requires several hours of work to make.  So I could trade several hours to rent a machine, or do the same job by hand in a couple of hours.  While on this concept of exchange, it occurred to me that purchasing something vs doing it myself, the value of the item in terms of time spent is more stable than the market numerical value assigned over time.  Compare the hours spent to earn the money for gas 30 years ago, and compare it to the amount of time required to earn the money for gas now.  I’m thinking, off the top of my head, of course, that the results may be similar.  The bottom line is a question: “is this item worthy of the time I will have to spend to obtain it?”