– the Barbary wars

– what our first decorated Marine was doing to become decorated

– what led to this battle

– the attack on the Jewish athletes in ’72

– the Kobar towers

– the Cole

– the bombing of the twin towers in ’93

– 9/11

– beheadings almost without count

– dragging contractors through the town and hanging them from a bridge

– how much respect muslims provide anyone but their own tribe

– the goal of islam is world domination by whatever means needed

– the methods of domination are terror, subjugation, slavery, and death

– these people call us “The great Satan”

– islam follows allah who states of himself that he is the greatest liar

– that means these terrorists, murderers, and rapists are following a liar

– that muslims attacking us is not an accident, or single actors playing roles, but the design of the entire philosophy

– we have brave service members all over the world risking their lives to protect us from these murderers

– our service members deserve better than having their hands tied by bureaucrats and politicians trying to play politics on the battlefield with their lives

I honor our service members, both past and present, and thank you for your dedication and sacrifices to allow this country to be, in the midst of the world composed of tyrants and autocrats.